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The Albina Sports Program has a significant number of alumni, exceeding 3,000 individuals, who originate from the state of Oregon. The exact count continues to increase. The alumni of our institution have achieved notable success in several fields, including nursing, banking, education, architecture, collegiate and professional sports, entrepreneurship, coaching, and politics, among others.


The Albina alumni demonstrate their altruism by engaging in many forms of volunteerism, such as serving on advisory committees, delivering guest lectures, providing coaching and mentoring, offering career guidance, and extending support to other areas or initiatives within the Athletics community.


The objective of our Alumni is to cultivate an enhanced sense of community via the pursuit of academic excellence and engagement in community service initiatives.

The objective is to enhance the capabilities and offer assistance to the youth residing in Albina through the provision of coaching, mentorship, and scholarships.










Dai'lyn Merriweather.jpg

Dai'lyn Merriweather

Track and Field

University of Oklahoma

Jai'lyn Merriweather.jpg

Jai'lyn Merriweather

Track and Field

University of Oklahoma


Jada Pierce

Track and Field

University of Hawaii


Jesse Porter


Western Oregon University


Jalen Brown


Eastern Arizona College


Tayler Lyday

Cross Country

University of Idaho


Malika Washington

Track and Field

Oregon State


Chaquinn Cook

Track and Field

University of Oregon

Tyson Booze

Tyson Booze

Track and Field

Lewis and Clark College


Madison Hergert

Track and Field

Concordia University (Irvine)

Alumni List

Adams, Milt

Adams, Ray

Adams, Steve

Akers. Robert

Allen, Mike

Amos, Tenicea

Anderson, Steve

Anderson, Kamau

Bailey, Tracey

Bailey, Walter

Baily, Brad

Baily, Joe Dale

Bain, Lucious

Bain, Jr. Huarleen

Baker, Donny

Baker, Kevin

Banks, Kelsy

Barber, Andre

Barber, Bobby

Barber, Earnest

Barber, Marvin

Barber, Victor

Barber, Jay A.

Barfield, Carlos

Barfield, James

Barfield, Randy

Barnes, Emory

Barron, Robert

Bates, Anthony

Bates, Billy

Bates, Lonnie

Bates, Orie

Bates, Robert

Beachell, Richard

Bell, Aaron

Bell, Willie

Berry, Ken

Bilt, Aaron

Birden, J.J.

Blasenden, Wayne

Bogel, Dick

Booker, Micheal

Booker, Ronnie

Boring, Glenda

Boring, Robert

Bowles, Howard

Bowles, Willie

Braebach, Bill

Brame, Herman

Brame, Sandra

Brame, Rickey

Brandon, Terrell

Brannon, David

Brannon, James

Brannon, John

Brannon, Micheal

Britt, Jeff

Broadous, Lisa

Broadous, Leon

Broker, Don

Brooks, Sam

Broussard, Bruce

Brown, Cindy

Brown, Ed

Brown, Ron

Brown, Charlie

Brown, Jalen

Brown, Alyiah

Brown, Sybrena

Brown, Aaron

Buckle, Horn

Burns, Terry

Bussy, Donnie

Carline, Dennis

Carnell, Barbara

Carter, Janet

Carter, Kenny

Carter, Woody

Carter, Michael

Casey, Oscar

Casson, Theotis

Chaney, Deborah

Cogdill, Ron

Coleman, Vince

Coleman, Lionel

Collins, Evelyn

Collins, Lawerence

Combs, James

Combs, James Jr.

Combs, James Sr.

Combs, Kenny

Combs, James

Combs, Kenneth

Combs, Jr.James

Cook, Paul

Cotton, Mark

Cox, Daryl

Cox, Mark

Curry, Robert

Davis, Kimble

Demsey, Keith

DeSylvia, Tom

Dines, Walt

Dixson, Donald

Doakes, Kurtis

Doan, Al

Donahue, Richard

Drake, Bill

Dunham, Larry

Eatmon, Rickey

Eatmon, Rickey Sr.

Edmond, L.V.

Fikes, Cleotis

Fikes, Linda

Fikes, Betty

Fikes, Sara

Fischer, Jach

Flegel, Dorothy

Flowers, Fred

Flowers, Billy

Folk, Ginny

Ford, Shantel

Foster, Patricia

Foster, Bernard

Fraser, Z.

Frazier, Billy

Frazier, Bobby

Frazier, Chris

Frazier, Donald

Frazier, John Jr.

Freeman, Roy

Friday, J.W.

Gag, Trent

Gamble, Jeff

Gamble, Jeff

Golden, Nate

Golden, Eugene

Graham, Mable

Granville, Roy

Green, A.C.

Green, Edward

Grier, G

Gudger, Gregory

Haggerty, Ancer

Hagm, Dave

Hall, Lawana

Hallis, Richard

Hamilton, Winzel Lee

Hammond, Dwayne

Hammond, Leneld

Hanson, Crystal

Hanya, Josh

Harris, Amos

Harris, Bub

Harris, Charles

Harris, Ernie

Harris, Willie

Harris, Bobby

Harris, Richard

Hawthorne, Mike

Hedgmon, Benny Lee

Henderson, Jeff

Herdon, Ron

Hicks, Roselyn

Hicks, Oscar

Hill, Taj

Hilliard, Bill

Hina, Tim

Hollands, III.Gary

Holt, Billy

Hooker, Chris

Hooteye, Reggie

Hopson, Phil

Hopson, Jr.Tony

Hopson, Sr.Tony

Hornbuckle, Michael

Horsley, Trent

Horsley, Willie

Hoslentine, John

Howell, Byron

Hoyes, Wayne

Hunt, Kenny

Hunter, Charles

Hurst, Andre

Irving, Marlin

Irving, Marcus

Irving, Sam

Irving, Tod

Jackson, Anthony

Jackson, Hal

Jackson, Jackie

Jackson, Joe

Jackson, Kieth

Jackson, Steve

Jackson, Tom

Jackson, Billy

Jackson, Harry

James, Michelle

Jamison, Andre

Jay, Roy

Jenkins, Lee

Jesse, Jerold

Jesse, Jerold

Joe, Ivory

Johnson, Dwane

Johnson, James

Johnson, Jerry

Johnson, John

Johnson, Ken

Johnson, Kevin

Johnson, Mike

Johnson, Ray

Johnson, Von Ray

Johnson, Alfonzo

Johnson, Angela L.

Johnson, Thelma

Johnson, CoRhonda

Johnson, Anise

Johnson, Jr.Kieth

Johnson-Bailes, Margaret

Jones, Nate

Jones, Dianne

Jones, Dante

Jones, Archie

Kasley, Harold

Kelly, Bijron

Kelly, Mike

Kelly, Marcus

Kennie, Carter

LaGuardia, Armando

Lampkin, Yolanda

Law, Ellen T.

Lazenby, Jr.Henry

Leary, Ray

Lewis, Jr. Booker T.

Lincoln, Eddie

Lincoln, Leon

Lincoln, Don

Lincoln, Charles

Lincoln, Sr.Leon

Link, Stan

Lowe, Darren

Lowe, Darrius

Lucas, Denis

Luckett, Kenny

Lyden, Jordan

Mack, Ferral

Macon, Sam

Macon, Samuel K.

Maxey, Charles B.

Mays, John

Mays, Willie

McClain, Luther

McCoy, Marvin

McGull, James

McKenzie, David

McKenzie, Leon

McKenzie, Taletha

McKenzie, Sr. Leon

McKinney, Charles

McKinney, Aaron

Mckinnys, Charles

McPherson, Donnie

McPherson, Donnie

McRay, Sr.Carl

Meade, Ben

Menniweather, Marisha

Miles, Jay

Miles, Herman

Millner, Darrell

Mitchell, John

Mitchell, Tim

Monroe, Norman

Moore, Tony

Mooreland, Nate

Morland, Nate

Morris, Bob 

Morris, Reggie

Mostt, John

Muhammad, Hakim R.

Naira, Ray

Neely, John

Nelson, Larry

Nelson, Tony

Newton, Margaret

Newton, LaJewell

Newton, Dawn Marie

Norris, Reggie

North, John

Orr, Shirley

Owens, Terrell

Owens, Jessie

Parker, Dr. Carl

Penny, Avery

Penny, Greg

Penny, Darrell "Peek-a-Boo"

Person, Jerome

Pescky, Vince

Peters, Darwin

Pettis, Macceo

Pidrick, Steve

Pienovi, Andy

Pierce, Lavon

Pierce, Jada

Pierce, Xavier

Pittman, Tim

Pittman, Timmy

Pittman, Roy

Pittman, Tony

Poe, Lolenzo

Polk, Marb

Polk, Ronnie

Porter, Larry

Powell, David

Powell, Tina

Priestley, Ben

Pritchelt, Peter

Radford, Mark

Rahsaan, Pam

Rahsaan, Halim

Reed, Stanley

Renfro, Mel

Rice, Harvey

Rickey, Sonja

Ried, Demark

Roberstson, Jodi

Roberstson, Jody

Roberstson, Lisa

Roberts, Travel

Robinson, Steve

Robinson, Wendell

Robinson, Lisa

Roby, R

Rollins, Terry

Ross, Eric

Ross, Tony

Sanders, Leroy

Scales, Wally

Scott, Andre

Scott, Manuel

Shabazz, Aleem

Shamsudin, Kristina

Shamsudin, Isaac

Shamsudin, Eric

Shaw, Robert

Shepard, Bill

Shepperd, Charles

Sherman, Antoni

Simms, Dwight

Slider, Ralph

Spears, Ulf

Spears, Eric

Spears, Derick

Spears, Velma Maria

Spencer, Mary

Stewart, Anthony

Stiff, Daryl

Strong, Cathy

Strong, Jackie

Strong, Jr.Luther

Tate, Denny

Thirdgill, Durray

Timnon, Tim

Tucker, Ulysses

Vance, Weldon

Wade, Johnny

Wade, Leonard

Wagner, Carl "Bernie"

Walker, Freda

Walker, Jimmy

Walker, James R.

Waller, Kay Kay

Walls, Tracy

Ward, Dr. Edward

Warren, Dale

Warren, Helen

Warren, Myrtti

Warren, Regina

Warren, Tony

Warren, Hazel

Warren, Ogden

Washington, Chuckie

Washington, Kieth

Washington, Kevin

Washington, Greg

Washington, Richard

Welch, Claxton

Well, Booker

Wells, Omar

West, Greg

White, Contrell

White, Merlin

Williams, Denise

Williams, Shelia

Williams, Micah

Williams, Harold

Wilson, Phil

Winters, Cynthia

Wohler, Jeff

Woods, Calvin

Woods, Kieth

Woods, Patrice

Woods, Vincent

Woods, Kevin

Wyllie, J.W.

Zimmerman, Joyce

Zumwalt, Jim

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