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The Albina Sports Complex is our vision for a sports-oriented community center in Portland, Oregon. The complex's mission will be to develop the talents of young athletes and encourage them to do their best no matter what the endeavor.

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The proposed Albina Sports Complex is situated at the South end of Fernhill Park in Northeast Portland.  The complex will include a 300 meter indoor running track, flexible indoor court spaces, and underground parking. 


Retail spaces along Northeast 42nd Avenue will provide space for new neighborhood businesses and create a lively walkable streetscape that will encourage social interaction.


The main entrance will be located at the south side where vehicles will enter through Phil Walden Lane - a dedicated  one-way access road.


Large skylights will bring an abundance of natural light into the building, eliminating the need for electric lighting during daylight hours.


An expansive green roof will collect and filter rainwater for use within the building’s plumbing system.


Photovoltaic panels will generate power for a substantial portion of the building’s  electrical usage.


The Sports Complex will include outdoor spaces as well, including a 400 meter track, four baseball fields, and a one mile cross country running path. 

The complex is inspired by the leadership of the late Phil Walden, a local coach and teacher who impacted the lives of thousands of kids from all over Portland.  His commitment and mentorship helped produce countless numbers of college graduates, coaches, professionals, and community leaders.

The Sports Complex will feature a 300 meter indoor running track within an interior space constructed with the most advanced mass timber framing techniques.  With a roof span of 300 x 475 feet, we envision a space that is truly unique and without any local precedent.

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"Our goal has been to simply create a place for kids to become immersed in sports so that they can learn the things that will benefit them later in life —teamwork, cooperation and leadership.”

- John Carhart, Architect

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The flexible court spaces will include basketball, volleyball and indoor soccer.  An expansive skylight will provide an abundance of natural light.  The exposed timber structure gives the building a strong local identity, rooted in the pacific northwest.

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The Sports Complex will feature both indoor and outdoor sports facilities, including four baseball fields, a 400 meter track, and a one mile cross-country running path.

Albina Sports Complex - Level 1

Level 1

Albina Sports Complex - Level 2

Level 2

Albina Sports Complex - Parking Level

Parking Level

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