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Adult walking

The primary goal of the team is to promote general health and wellness for men and women through organized walking activities.


The Albina Walking Team grew out of an awareness that within the African-American community there is a need for improved physical and mental health.  Statistically the incidence of heart disease, high blood pressure and diabetes are dramatically higher in the African-American community as a result of poor diet and lack of physical exercise.

The primary goal of the teams is to promote general health and wellness for men and women through organized walking activities. We accomplish these goals by increasing the awareness and need for physical activities among adults.  We encourage community participation by intentionally walking throughout our neighborhoods and promoting walking activities to community members. 

We Started as an all men’s and grew over the previous years into a variety of walking teams, we have the all men’s, women’s and co-ed team. One of our biggest and yearly accomplishments is our participation in the Portland to Coast walk. We started walking in the Portland area in 2012 and each year we grow stronger and healthier.

We work to improve the physical and mental health of team members by learning and following healthy eating and exercise habits through the camaraderie within the group and through development of life-long friendships. We encourage community members to participate in some form of physical activity and to begin to make small changes in their eating habits to improve their health,

Season info

Albina Walking team is broken up into two categories Solefull Masters (40 and up) and Classic Soles (50 and up). We walk year around with the Portland to Coast walk our main event.


Solefull Masters (40 and up)

Classic Soles (50 and up)


Year round


Portland to Coast Walk

Last weekend in August


John Muir

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